Recruitment Education Institute

Online Courses

USD 29.95

5 Keys to Managing Your Hiring Manager [WEBINAR]

This module covers the five keys to leading the hiring manager during the recruiting process, including proper intake, effective communication, applicant analysis, metrics utilization, and credibility.

USD 45.95

Guide to Interviewing [WEBINAR]

This webinar includes keys to adequately prepare for the interview process, including understanding candidate skill and attitude, practicing appropriate body language, and knowing the right questions to ask in order to get an accurate read on the...

USD 799.95

Recruiter Certification Program

This Program provide both novice and experienced Recruiters with a comprehensive set of modules that cover the necessary techniques to improve their recruiting abilities, client management skills, and overall cycle management.

USD 24.95

Retaining Your Top Performers [WEBINAR]

Retention is one of the most crucial aspects of Recruiting in the returning War for Talent. Today’s employers are striving for fresh and innovative ways to motivate top performers and, ultimately, keep them around.

USD 149.95

The Assimilation - Advanced Onboarding

Within this advanced session, participants will become prepared with an extensive onboarding toolkit that includes orientation, processes and forms, technology and training, and the overall new candidate experience.

USD 149.95

The Evaluation - Behavior Based Interviewing

In this advanced session, participants will learn the importance of interviewing right the first time, and how to overcome common issues with traditional interviewing methods.

USD 249.95

The Expedition - Online Sourcing

Within this advanced session, participants will learn the fundamentals of key sourcing strategies, including the importance of social media and how to best utilize it for recruiting processes.

USD 199.95

The Validation - Recruiting Metrics

Within this advanced session, participants will delve into the inner workings of recruiting metrics, where they go wrong, and how to drive effective behaviors by properly utilizing them.

The Recruitment Education Institute Online Video Training is a renowned web-based program that provides recruiters with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today’s fluctuating recruiting industry.

The modernized online training modules extensively cover industry and market trends and topics crucial to recruiters at all experience levels, including best practices in online sourcing and web search, effective metrics, and behavioral based interviewing.