Recruitment Education Institute

The Validation - Recruiting Metrics

Within this advanced session, participants will delve into the inner workings of recruiting metrics, where they go wrong, and how to drive effective behaviors by properly utilizing them. Studies on the importance of recruiting metrics will be assessed along with effective measurements and the key differences between classic and innovative recruiting metrics. Participants will learn how to improve recruiter efficiency by utilizing the sales process and proper measurements that drive the right results. This session will explain the importance of focusing on effective sourcing channels and the appropriate technology and tools to have an accurate focus on metrics.

In this session, participants will:

  • Understand the true definition of recruiting metrics and how, if used correctly, they can advance the relationship between Recruiters and Hiring Managers by aligning the correct objectives
  • Discover why metrics must be predictive, consistent, and drive recruitment behavior
  • Learn why many traditional recruiting metrics drive negative Recruiter behaviors
  • Understand sample metrics designed to deliver outstanding results and how to implement them
  • Develop a strategy to ensure that commitments made in the interviewing process are fulfilled in order to create raving employees and Hiring Managers
  • Apply two basic principles each Recruiter can apply that are designed to emotionally engage each new employee as they join your organization